Dayz Journey

Javi Dayz is a film maker and visual artist from El Salvador, based in Barcelona. Formed as Strategic Designer and specialized in the area of multimedia creation, Dayz has always looked forward through experimentation in audiovisuals making use of a DIY style combined with the influence of cartoons, videogames, trippy music, weird situations and artistic friends. Starting his journey as a Youtuber in El Salvador back in 2011, he has worked as Digital Strategist and Content Creator for different brands from 2013 to 2017, nowadays he is based in Barcelona exploring his own visual storytelling style as an artist. His style, as in audiovisual and illustration, is inspired by everyday situations, pop culture and philosophy using caricaturization and absurdity to create disruption. The use of intense color schemes and exaggeration are a constant in his art work, allowing him to create an acid vision of this crazy Dayz of our Lives.